How Vision Relates to Sports Performance

Sharpened senses and accurate perception are two factors that dramatically affect athletic performance. Both are directly related to your vision. If you have increased your practice and are still having difficulty progressing to the next level in your athletic performance, there may be a visual problem hindering your progress.


Doctors estimate that up to:

“80 percent of perceptual input in sports comes from the eyes”


There are many ways that your vision correlates to your best sports performance

-          Depth Perception: being able to swiftly and accurately assess the speed and distance of items

-          Eye Focusing: the ability to change focus from one object to another quickly and clearly

-          Eye Tracking: how well you keep your eye on the necessary components of the game

-          Eye-Hand or Eye-Body Coordination

-          Peripheral Awareness: how effectively you see from the corner of your eye

-          Dynamic Visual Acuity: the ability to see objects in motion clearly

-          Visual memory

What can you do to improve your vision and your sports performance?

-          Annual eye exam

-          Talk with your doctor and specify what sport do you practice

-          Wear safety prescription eyeglasses

-          Wear contact lenses + safety glasses


All these options will give you UV protection, protection and will increase your athletic performance


Benefits of Contact Lenses Over Glasses in Sport

-Wider Field of View

-Better depth perception

-Eliminate distortion and distraction

-Low risk of damage to contact lenses vs. glasses


*International Sports vision association