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Eye Emergency

Experiencing an Eye Emergency?

If you are currently experiencing an eye emergency, you need immediate medical attention. Even what might seem like mild damage to our eyes can create problems with our vision that can last a lifetime. We are here to help you get through your eyecare related emergency.

You don’t have to go without emergency eyecare. Our practice is here to offer you the emergency care that your eyes need.

In addition to handling all of your emergency eyecare needs, we also specialize in helping our patients manage their eye diseases.

If you have a history of vision problems, eye diseases in the family, or suspect that you might be developing vision problems, you should come into our practice to get examined. The best way to combat eye diseases is to identify them early and begin treatment right away.

Our practice is here to help you through every vision problem you might encounter. From the emergencies to the everyday, our doctors are here to make sure you have the care that you need.

Our Emergency EyeCare

Our emergency eyecare service covers a wide range of possible injuries, infections, and diseases. Sudden changes to your vision is a sure sign that you have an eye emergency on your hands.

Common eye emergencies include a foreign body in the eye, swelling or infection, and sudden partial or full loss of vision.

If you have been experiencing red spots, partial blindness, or blurry vision, it’s a good idea to come in and get an eye exam. Floaters, or black and grey specs that seem to “float” across the eye, you should also come in for an exam.

When we examine these eye emergencies early on, we can help you prevent serious eye diseases from taking hold.

Common Eye Diseases

When you can catch eye diseases early, you can do so much more to treat them.

It’s hard to reverse course when an eye disease sets in. It’s much easier to catch one early on and help someone maintain their vision than it is to walk one back.

The best time to come in and have your eyes examined is today.

We can look for all of the most common eye diseases and make sure that you have the best possible vision. Correction for eye health issues is what we are all about.

We treat just about every eye disease under the sun. When you need your eyes taken care of, we are the practice for you.

Our eye doctors are waiting to hear from you. Get in touch with us today to schedule your next appointment.

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