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Eye Doctor near me

Dr. Ryan Bauer is the Eye Doctor You’ve Been Looking For

Dr. Ryan Bauer first came to Colorado Springs in 2009 to practice optometry. He’s since found an amazing community full of wonderful people. Dr. Bauer treats all of his patients as if they were neighbors, close friends, or family because the Colorado Springs community is just that.

The doctors and staff that work alongside Dr. Bauer are here to take care of all of your eye care needs. Our practice specializes in full scope eye care. This means that you can rely on us to help you with everything from getting a pair of today’s most stylish frames, to eye exams, to treatment for complicated eye health concerns. No matter what level of eye care you are looking for, we are here to help.

Our eye doctor knows it can be difficult to find the health care that is right for you. Our practice is committed to being able to work with a wide range of insurers. You are always welcome to get in touch with us about the insurances we accept. Our staff is here to help you find the eye care you need.


What to Expect at Your Eye Exam

You should come in for an eye exam on a regular basis.

We recommend that healthy adults come in at least once a year for a routine eye exam. Young children and teens can come in less frequently and people with additional health concerns should come in more than once a year.

At your eye exam, we will make sure that your eyes are in the best shape possible. We will test for common diseases as well as make sure that your eyes are seeing clearly. Our friendly staff will be with you the entire time and available to answer all of your questions about eye care.

Why come in so frequently for eye exams? Eye diseases and conditions are very difficult to reverse. The best way to prevent them from harming your vision is to get them diagnosed early so treatment can prevent them from getting out of hand.

Our eye doctor is here to help.

What Our Eye Doctor Can Do For You

Dr. Ryan Bauer is the premier eye doctor in Colorado Springs. Under his leadership, our eye care practice is able to provide you with a wide range of services.

We can help you with just about every eye health concern imaginable. Get in touch with us for any of the following services:

  • Contacts

  • Eyewear

  • Eye Emergencies

  • Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Dry Eye

  • Eye Examinations

  • And more


We use the latest technology to make sure that your vision is its best. When you stop into our practice, you’ll be getting access to a combination of the most respected and time-tested eye care treatments as well as the latest advancements in treatment.

We stay on the cutting edge of eye care science in order to take the best care of you that we can.

Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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